Paul Caponigro: Masterworks from Forty Years

Masterworks From Forty Years presents the first chronological overview of Caponigro’s entire photographic career in a single, beautifully printed and bound monograph. Each black-and-white photograph has been reproduced to facsimile quality and carefully varnished for this first edition. Readers familiar with Paul Capongiro’s previous publications, The Wise Silence, Sunflower and Megaliths, will be delighted with this extended examination of Caponigro’s artistic contribution. Many of the images seen in this first edition have never been published before.

David Stroud contributes a thoughtful, original essay that examines Caponigro’s artistic development, from his earliest years of instruction and apprenticeship, through the masterworks that establish his place in the history of photography, to more recently created images that comprise his mature achievement.

ISBN: 0-9616515-5-5

61 Laser Fultone Reproductions

75 pages

12" x 12.5"

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