Brett Weston: A Personal Selection

For many years, Brett Weston envisioned a book that would share with his audience a unique collection of previously unpublished photographs from his private archive. Brett Weston: A Personal Selection realized his longtime desire, featuring 101 brilliant images considered by Weston to be his most important unknown work. Many of the images contained in Brett Weston: A Personal Selection were created from 1980-1986, highlighting the ongoing creative genius of this West Coast master photographer still producing after sixty years of disciplined commitment to his artistry. The essay is contributed by Dody Weston Thompson, last assistant to Edward Weston, whose unique perspective gained from years working with Brett and Edward Weston results in a brilliant comparison of their essential artistic differences. Few artists have labored so ardently with the lifetime dedication and consuming passion that marked the career of Brett Weston, and fewer photographers have produced a volume of prints so uniquely visualized with the private imagination, technical brilliance and compositional purity that resounds throughout this collection of previously unknown images.

ISBN: 9616515-0-4

101 Black and White Laser Fultone Reproductions

144 pages

12" x 14.5"

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