About Us:

Photography West Graphics, Inc. of Carmel, California has been dedicated to producing deluxe first edition, fine art photography books on fine heavy text papers for over thirty years. Each elegant black and white photographic monograph features a renowned and legendary master photographer, such as Brett Weston, Paul Caponigro, Ruth Bernhard, and Don Worth. Our editions offer a visually discerning, chronological overview of the photographer's entire artistic career.

In 1981, Ansel Adams directed Carol Williams to Dave Grey Gardner, the innovative and discerning printer responsible for production of his own many photography books. Ansel Adams enthusiastically declared, "Dave Gardner is the finest black and white printer in the world and can make a reproduction sharper than my original photograph!" Shortly thereafter, Williams sought out Gardner and together they began collaborating to create what today are widely acknowledged as some of the most beautiful fine art photography books ever created. Each edition used Dave Gardner's patented Laser fultone process to create facsimile quality photographic reproductions throughout.

In addition, a series of fine art photographic posters and note cards were produced using his same process.

Photography West Graphics has been the recipient of numerous awards. “The Eternal Body” and “A Personal Selection” each won the acclaimed “Photography Book of the Year Award” offered by Friends of Photography. The posters have been awarded the Excellence for Printing and Design by the Printing Industry of America.

Photography West Graphics is pleased to announce publication of our newest edition "Roman Loranc - Absolution: Fifty Photographs From Europe. Winner of the United States Literary Award for Fine Art Photography, it is currently available for ordering.

Fine art photography books and fine art photography posters from photography masters including Brett Weston, Paul Caponigro, Ruth Bernhard, Don Worth, Roman Loranc, and Christopher Burkett are produced as first edition fine art photography publications by Photography West Graphics.